Signed agency contract for AI risk management platform "feve" of Eltes Co., Ltd.

SOKO LIFE TECHNOLOGY is a solution that predicts, detects and solves digital risks of companies.
In collaboration with Eltes Co., Ltd., which is in charge of working with us, in order to provide a healthy living environment,
AI risk management platform “feve” for new coronavirus provided by Eltes
We have signed an agency contract.

■ Alliance background
SOKO LIFE TECHNOLOGY, which deals with PropTech such as monthly renting Dynamic Pricing and room share matching,
We provide company housing agency services for corporations, and the issue was how to manage the health of our customers’ employees and dispatched staff while at home.
As telework progresses with the spread of new coronavirus infections, it becomes more difficult to manage the health of customers’ employees and temporary staff.

We focused on Eltes’ feve, which provides “early detection of infection risk, identification of action range, management of response status”.
By concluding an agency contract, it is possible to smoothly propose “feve” at the time of a company housing agency service contract.

We will propose to client companies and real estate owners and digitally manage the infection risk of new coronavirus in condominiums and apartments.

■Outline of “feve” service
As the new coronavirus spreads and spreads over a long period of time, not only temperature measurement for employees and dispatched staff,
It is important to take action based on behavioral data that enables infection follow-up and prevention of spread.
“Feve” is by installing a thermography camera at the entrance of the facility and performing image analysis in real time,
Visualize and identify employees who may be infected. Employees who are at risk of infection are on the Eltes management platform.
It is possible to manage the progress of correspondence for each registered employee. In addition, the action route of employees who are concerned about infection is
It can be grasped using a dedicated app, and the affected area can be identified based on the behavior before and after infection.

Regarding the appointment of Mitsuyuki Tamaki as Executive Officer

We would like to inform you that Mitsuyuki Tamaki has been appointed as the executive officer of our company.
Mr. Tamaki has experience in domestic and overseas travel service business, aiming to improve customer satisfaction, and has been a representative of a company that proposes cost reduction solutions. As a specialist in the travel industry, CRM, and cost reduction fields, we would like to support this business.

Mitsuyuki Tamaki
Born 1960 in Osaka
Joined Vivre Co., Ltd. (Saison Group travel agency) in 1985
1992 Company name changed to Pacific Tour Systems Co., Ltd. due to reorganization of Saison Group’s travel business
2003 Left Pacific Tour Systems Co., Ltd.
2003 Joined Benefit One Inc. Project Manager
2006 Appointed as a director with the establishment of Benefit One Partners Co., Ltd.
2009 Retired from Benefit One Partners Co., Ltd.
2009 Appointed as Executive Officer of CRM Business Department, Benefit One Co., Ltd.
2012 Retired from Benefit One Co., Ltd.
2012 Appointed President, Benefit One Solutions Co., Ltd.
2018 Left Benefit One Solutions Co., Ltd.
2018 Appointed Senior Managing Director Lion Corporation
2019 Appointed as President of Lion Co., Ltd. and Ein Co., Ltd.
2020 Lion Co., Ltd., Ein Co., Ltd. left

About board member's assumption of office

Ms. Murai is a public relations specialist who plans, manages and gives lectures for PR managers. She will support our business based on her experience and knowledge gathered from various fields such as corporate management, media, and local governments.

Chikako Murai
Born in Shizuoka in 1978
2001 Graduated from Faculty of Education, University of Tokyo
2002 Joined Senden Kaigi Co., Ltd.

About board member's assumption of office

We would like to inform you that Mr. Toru Ueno was appointed as our advisor.
Mr. Ueno is a member of the Financial Services Agency’s “Communication Council on the Appointment of Audit Offices Related to IPOs” and will support the Company’s business based on his knowledge as a specialist in the field of financing and IPOs.

Toru Ueno
Born 1973 in Chiba Prefecture
1997 Joined SoftBank Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.)
1998 Joined SBI Group (with separation)
2015 Established Uru Co., Ltd.
2016 Established Payment Technology Co., Ltd.

Completion of Fund Raising

SOKO LIFE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shiwa Town, Iwate Prefecture, President: Takehiro Sugawara, hereinafter referred to as “SOKO LIFE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.”), which provides a real estate leasing platform for overseas users, implemented a third-party allocation of capital to angel investors. We would like to inform you that we have raised 90 million yen in total.

With this funding, we will develop applications (WeChat, Android, iOS), expand web systems, properties that can be contracted within the application, and expand the service area.

Available for immediate move-in with just a smartphone!

Having trouble where to live

SOKO LIFE is a real estate platform that allow you to rent by electronic contracts and credit card payments with no deposits and no key money. By completing personal identification online, you will not have to go to a real estate agency for contract conclusion and you can save time and trouble of identity verification. We introduce AI based Dynamic Pricing and can offer you a reasonable price.

Easy search with SOKO app

Download the app and search quickly!

Even on a daily basis!
Even on a monthly basis!

The minimum rental period is 1 day! You can easily use it for traveling and business trips. Of course, monthly contract is also available. You can use it freely without worrying about the contract period.

All you need is your credit card. No credit examination is needed.

You can enter the room by authenticating yourself with your credit card.

Available from the next day!

If you apply for a move-in with the application, you can enter the room from the next day. You can use the rental property as if you were in a hotel, without being bound by where you live!


What's the minimum contract period that I can rent a room?

The minimum stay of SOKO LIFE rooms is for one day.

Can I rent a room for long-term when I like it?

Yes, you can also rent it on mothly basis, just as you would for a typical rental property.

Does it cost anything other than rent? Security deposit and key money?

No deposit or key money will be charged for SOKO LIFE rooms.

Do I need a guarantor or identity verification to apply?

If you have a credit card, you can move in only by card payment.

Can I view a room privately?

Yes, you can.

When can I move in after payment?

Basically, you can move in the next day.
However, please note that some properties may not be able to move in the next day due to cleaning conditions.

What is the minimum and maximum contract period?

You can contract on a daily basis.
Monthly contracts are available for more than one month, and the rent will be prorated on the month you move out.

Can we have a corporate contract?

A corporate contract is also available.

Is it possible for multiple people to move in?

Yes, it is. Please check the plan for multiple people plan.

What do we need for a contract?

Please upload your credit card information, face photo, and identity verification documents.
* One of the following
Passport, Basic Resident Register card, driver’s license, driving history certificate, residence card, special permanent resident certificate

Is a deposit required?

It depends on the properties.

What is included in the monthly fee?

It will be rent, utilities, and communication cost.

What payment methods do you accept?

Only credit cards payment is accepted.

When is the payment due?

For the first month, the payment should be made when the contract is concluded.
After the next month, payment will be made on the 27th of the previous month.

What should I do if my light bulb or battery runs out?

As it is a consumable item, please replace it by the tenant.

Can I change the layout of the room?

Yes, you can.

What should I do if I lost my key or shut myself out of the room?

Please contact us.

What should I do if I want to cancel?

You can cancel with the app up to 10 days before moving in.
Please pay half of the rent from 9 to 5 days before moving in.
All rent must be paid 4 days or less before moving in.

Can I move out during the contract period?

Yes, but an expense will be required according to the cancellation policy.

Can I carry luggage before moving in?

Bacically prohibited.
* Please contact us.

Are there any restrictions on utility bills and Wi-fi usage?

If it exceeds the limit, additional fee will be charged.