How is it different from conventional real estate leasing?

Traditional real estate rental

・ Security deposit, key money, written contract, transfer procedures
・ Examination
・ Move-in (after 1 week at the shortest/ 2-year contract)
・ Rent setting with uncertain value

No Deposit / No key money / Electronic contract/ Credit card payment
You can move in next day at the earliest, and you can make a lease contract on monthly basis (If you use a vacation rental, you can also stay at on a daily basis)
Online identity verification and credit card credit screening
The AI based dynamic pricing predicts and fits supply and demand

Available for immediate move-in with just a smartphone!

Having trouble where to live

SOKO LIFE is a real estate platform that allow you to rent by electronic contracts and credit card payments with no deposits and no key money. By completing personal identification online, you will not have to go to a real estate agency for contract conclusion and you can save time and trouble of identity verification. We introduce AI based Dynamic Pricing and can offer you a reasonable price.

Easy search with SOKO app

Download the app and search quickly!

Even on a daily basis!
Even on a monthly basis!

The minimum rental period is 1 day! You can easily use it for traveling and business trips. Of course, monthly contract is also available. You can use it freely without worrying about the contract period.

All you need is your credit card. No credit examination is needed.

You can enter the room by authenticating yourself with your credit card.

Available from the next day!

If you apply for a move-in with the application, you can enter the room from the next day. You can use the rental property as if you were in a hotel, without being bound by where you live!