Enrich your life with technology

Create a business that can go from the local to the global and aim at the first unicorn company in the local area.
■Regional revitalization
By utilizing local revitalization technology, we will show that we could capture and develope overseas demand even in local areas (small local governments).


■ “Staying” and “living” are simple and appropriate
By simply and properly utilizing technology to “stay overnight” and “live”, we will provide a rich life by freeing you from the complexity of contracts and the time constraints of “staying” and “living”.
We can offer you peace of mind for “staying” and “living” by providing a reasonable price without researching the price of the housing property by yourself.

Commitment to regional revitalization
Regional Revitalization

Many local governments in Tohoku, including my hometown of Shiwa in Iwate Prefecture, have the following problems.
Acute depopulation
The increasing number of vacant houses
Sluggish attracting Inbound tourists

Despite having 30 million overseas visitors to Japan per year, only 100,000 visitors can be attracted to each prefecture in Tohoku area.

SOKO LIFE TECHNOLOGY was established in 2018 with the aim of becoming the first unicorn company in the region. In local governments, there are few startup companies, and the population is decreasing. To overcome this situation, we beleive it is necessary to create a business with a new idea.

Advanced Technology

SOKO LIFE TECHNOLOGY will offer comfortable living and peace of mind to all people with advanced technology.

eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer)

Technology that completes all identity verification online.
It is possible to save the time and trouble of going to a real estate agency and verifying your identity when a rental contract is concluded.

Dynamic Pricing

It is a method that changes the price according to market demand, and the introduction of AI enables highly accurate price calculation in a short time.
In the case of renting, the advantage for a lesee is that they can borrow at a lower price than usual depending on the timing of the contract.
The advantage on the renting side is that the AI system ​​calculates the rent for which demand is high, so it is possible to reduce the vacancy risk.

Roommate matching

Generally, room sharing is not common, but SOKO LIFE actively handles it.
Not only age, gender, nationality, etc. but also credit score can be included in the matching conditions, and the optimal roommate is detected. We can ooffer a roommate matching easily by applying online.